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Establishing Survey Control

Establishing or checking the survey control across a work site is essential to ensure a smooth workflow across all services.

Deformation Monitoring

Monitoring can play an integral part to a project either big or small. Strategic monitoring can help make informative decisions including personal safety and minimising any environmental breach.

Laser Scanning

3D scanning technology can be applied at any point in a typical manufacturing cycle, saving time, money and material. 3D scanning results in higher quality, better fitting parts that are less costly to manufacture. The cost of a typical manufacturing design cycle is reduced by 75% by utilising 3D scanning

Conformance Reporting

Some projects can required high levels of accuracy and upon completion require evidence to ensure conformance is met. To ensure conformance is met, ongoing surveys can ensure there aren’t any costly alterations at the end of the project.

Volumetric Surveys

In todays environment accurate information is essential in planning and projecting future works in any project. Accurate volume calculations for both fill and cut can help project timeframes and costs through the duration of a project.

Civil Construction

Using state of the art technology and processes in conjunction with clear and concise meetings with project management will ensure efficient design set out. Diverse Surveyors thrives on surveyor/supervisor interaction to create a streamlined approach to any project.


Whether it’s establishing survey control for greenfield operations, setting out design collars, surveying drilled exploration holes or creating surface models across a mining lease, surveyors play a big part in ensuring reliable information is created for all stakeholders.

Relief Staff

If experience and efficiency is what you require then short or long term relief staff can be the best option.

Feature Surveys

Detailed Feature Surveyors are the backbone to future development. Engineers required clear and accurate information before the design process can commence. Diverse Surveyors provides geospatial data in conjunction with photography for important features that require more detail.

Mobile Laser Scanning

If time is of the essence mobile laser scanning is the perfect piece of equipment to complete those volume calculations or elevation models. This is fast becoming the tool of choice which is cost effective for larger projects.

Staff Mentoring

If extra guidance or leadership is required for metalliferous mine sites then Diverse Surveyors has you covered. Our employees are experienced in the field of surveying and hold current registrations with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone)

Like mobile laser scanning photogrammetry from UAV’s is fast becoming an efficient and cost effective way to create elevation models over large areas. This tool is especially useful when access is limited. Diverse Surveyors uses contractors that are the best in their field. With a substantial database to choose from there is not a job to big or to small to undertake.

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