Mine Control Audit and Set-up

Establishing or checking the survey control across a work site is essential to ensure a smooth workflow across all services. Our range of mobile surveying options provide a safer method of establishing mine control and aiding set up and planning without compromising on quality and accuracy.


Whether it’s establishing survey control for greenfield operations, setting out design collars, surveying drilled exploration holes or creating surface models across a mining lease, surveyors play a big part in ensuring reliable information is created for all stakeholders.

Stockpile Audit

In today's environment accurate information is essential in planning and projecting future works in any project. Accurate volume calculations for both fill and cut can help project timeframes and costs through the duration of a project.

Monitoring can play an integral part to a project either big or small. Strategic monitoring can help make informative decisions including personal safety and minimising any environmental breach.

Wall Monitoring

Diverse Surveyors has invested considerable capital in some of the most state of the art survey equipment on the market. Using Maptek’s XR3 long range laser scanner with its built in 70MB imagery capabilities we are able to map the face using LIDAR as well as overlay imagery to provide a near real life 3D view of the face.

High Wall Laser Scanner

Whether it is topography or Feature Surveys for a pre-feasibility study, survey for final design, conformance, monitoring, equipment hire or service for dam construction projects Diverse Surveyors has vast experience in all the survey aspects of these areas. With an extensive range of equipment including equipment for hire we can customise a solution to meet your project and budget.

Tailings Dam & Haul Road

Civil Construction

Using state of the art technology and processes in conjunction with clear and concise meetings with project management will ensure efficient design set out. Diverse Surveyors thrives on surveyor/supervisor interaction to create a streamlined approach to any project.

Drill Blast & Design